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No Catch?
No problem. 

All Trips Have A Guaranteed No Catch, No Pay Policy!

Image by Mathieu Le Roux

Guaranteed No Catch No Pay!

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Your fishing Adventure awaits

Customer's of High Water Guide Service Proudly Showing Off Their Paddlefish Catches!

Will your catch make our highlight reel?

Guided fishing Trips

Guided fishing tours are a popular activity for those looking to experience the thrill of fishing in new and exciting locations. Our tours involve a knowledgeable guide who takes groups of anglers out on a fishing expedition, providing them with tips and tricks to help them catch the biggest fish possible. Depending on the tour, participants may have access to top-of-the-line fishing equipment, such as high-end rods and reels, bait, and lures.

Guided fishing tours may take place in a variety of locations, including rivers, and lakes. They can be a great way to learn about the local ecosystem and the different fish species that inhabit it, as well as to meet other fishing enthusiasts and create lasting memories.

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These trips are action packed and provide a lot of meat for the freezer.



These trips are a great way to get the family and friends involved in fast action fishing.

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These trips are action packed and best for small groups of 2-4 people. 

What Our Customer's Are Saying:

We had an absolute blast on our trip. This was a different experience for us and not what we were used to. My lady landed a banded spoon as the first fish of the day and it was pretty steady action until our time was up. 17 spoons, 3 biggest around 60lbs.


Our guide was knowledgeable about not only spoons but also other fishing in grand lake and the surrounding wildlife. I recommend high water to anyone that likes to see a fish strip line off a reel.

Bring your tip money, this outfitter will have earned it by the end of your trip.

William Shirey 

October 1, 2022

Image by Jakob Owens

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your next Guided Fishing trip 

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